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Background and Vision or Mission


PlanTEDConsulting & Services was founded in 2015 with the aim of making a significant impact on consultancy services in Bangladesh, upholding the highest professional standards and ethical principles. Since our establishment, we have grown into a reputed consultant in various fields including Land Surveying, Urban Planning & Development, GIS, and IT consultancy. We are proud of our proven track record in diverse projects such as Transportation, Environmental, and Social Impact Assessments, Public Space Design, Water Supply Development and Management Plans, Drainage & Sewerage System Networks, GIS Mapping, and Software Development. Additionally, we have conducted numerous surveys and studies related to urban planning and development.

We are dedicated to fostering collaborative relationships with our clients, strategic partners, stakeholders, and communities, with the goal of driving positive change and establishing sustainable, livable communities for generations to come. PlanTED offers services at the local and national levels and is now actively seeking opportunities to expand its services beyond borders

For making livable cities for all,  PlanTED has actively been collaborating with government agencies, local government institutions, private sectors, and non-profit organizations in Bangladesh as well as with some international organizations. With years of experience, we have successfully assisted both public and private sector clients in planning and implementing innovative and technical solutions that enhance the quality of urban life. Our team of expert consultants possesses a wealth of experience in both government and private practices, enabling us to have a comprehensive understanding of urban planning processes and cultivate strong relationships with local government and development authorities.

Vision and Mission

PlanTED Consulting & Services embraces five fundamental principles that drive our approach to consultancy: creativity, technicality, excellence, connectivity, and reliability. These principles serve as the foundation of our commitment to delivering exceptional services and upholding the highest professional standards.

PlanTED firmly believes in conducting business with integrity, and our professional ethics are deeply ingrained in our service delivery. Our aim is to be recognized as the leading urban planning, GIS, and IT consultancy in Bangladesh and beyond. We strive to achieve this by consistently providing innovative solutions, exceptional service quality, and a strong dedication to creating sustainable and livable communities.

To materialize the vision, PlanTED collaborates closely with a number of specialized consultants across various fields of urban planning, GIS, and IT sectors to achieve the desired project outcomes and deliver comprehensive solutions.

PlanTED also maintains strong relationships with both public and private sectors, as well as international organizations. These partnerships contribute to our ability to stay at the forefront of professional trends. As a forward-thinking firm,  PlanTED continuously strives for improvement, constantly examining the processes to enhance service delivery. The Firm embraces innovation, incorporating contemporary thinking and leveraging cutting-edge technologies to provide even better services.

At PlanTED our dedication to these principles and our disciplined approach service delivery set us apart. We are committed to exceeding client expectations and driving positive change in the consultancy industry.