PlanTED - The Combination of Planning Technology Engineering Development

PlanTED Consulting & Services was founded in 2015 with a view to making a difference in the field of urban development and planning with professional standards and ethics. Since then, it provides a series of consulting services in the sectors of Transportation, Environment, Socioeconomic, Geographic Information Systems, Utility Services, Urban Design and Management, and so on. PlanTED has a strong relationship with both public and private sectors and offers services to the local and national levels. PlanTED is now seeking opportunities to expand its services to international organizations as well.

PlanTED is dedicated to the well-being and success of its employees, clients, and strategic partners. Every relationship into which the Firm enters reflects its commitment to serve others with excellence.

PlanTED strives for continuous improvement in our disciplined approach to business. The Firm constantly strives for innovation within the processes to examine how to deliver better services

Vision and Mission

As a consulting firm as well as a business entity, PlanTED believes in five basic principles, namely, creativity, quality, technicality, excellence, and reliability. PlanTED is dedicated to delivering services and work with a level of integrity. The professional ethics of PlanTED are always aligned with the unparalleled service quality. Equipped with these principles and ethics, PlanTED envision to be the most successful and reliable consulting service provider in Bangladesh.

To materialize the vision, PlanTED is forwarding with a mission to make a positive change of consultancy services in Bangladesh, abiding by the first three principles of the firm, in particular, creativity, quality, and technicality.
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